Innovation & Perfection... Our Pride... Our Passion!

30 Years and counting has given us much reason to celebrate! Tracing our roots to humble beginnings back in 1984, LSF Printing Services, Incorporated started as a small family-run business. In those last three decades, we've gone quite a long way - and we're nowhere close to stopping.

Our product is our story. Following our passion for innovation and perfection, we've provided clients with efficiently-produced, high caliber printed output delivered on time. Yes, we have set the bar high for standards within our very walls because we believe that complete and total quality control starts from within. The dedication we put into our craft has helped us build a reputation over the years for being trustworthy purveyors of excellent print products to our customers. Now it's time to take the next step.

Where would we be without growth? In a time where the advancement of technology happens at such a speedy pace, staying at the top of our game requires juggling the quality we have become synonymous to with our passion to keep moving forward. So what's in store for us? It's all about embracing our potential with open arms.

To start, LSF Printing Services, Inc. has been audited by SGS to become a member of Sedex, an international platform where companies from all over the world can collectively improve on ethical business practices and corporate social responsibilities.


Going one step further, we will be upgrading equipment to continue providing clients with our top notch services. Then, we are set to have our international standards recognized globally by acquiring ISO Certification for Quality Management System, a testament of our commitment to ensuring that our clients are satisfied as well as keeping our own employees motivated to achieve more.

Truly, we are blessed to have come so far. To our longtime clients, we thank you for your loyal patronage. To our new and potential clients, let us show you how our three decades of experience can help your business. It's looking bright.

Mission - Vision

LSF Printing Services, Inc. shall strive to excel both in printing and customer servicing and become competitive on a national level. Our mission is to maintain our valued clients and business partners through continuous improvement, focusing on customer satisfaction, quality and productivity by way of people.

LSF 30 Years